Teaching with Flickr Groups

Submitted by pnelson on Thu, 2006-03-30 21:19.

Flickr.com is a rich resource of ideas for photo themes. One Flickr feature worth checking out is Flickr Groups. Groups are areas on Flickr where users post photographs that relate to a common theme. One example is the Geometric Beauty group. This image from KrystiAn pAn.K's Flickr site is a good example from the Geometric Beauty group or "pool."

Here's another great photo from the same pool from Toetap's Flickr stream.

Here are some of the more interesting groups:

  • B&W
  • Catchy Colors
  • Frame Within a Frame

You can participate in groups created by others or create your own. Here are some guidelines for managing a healthy group and the Flickr Groups FAQ.

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