It's in the eyes

This is an incredible image. Be sure to look at the original photo on Flickr to see all the detail.

Self Portrait - Mirror art

We've all done this. Taking your own self portrait using a mirror is easy and fun. Experiment with different aperture settings and focus points to make sure you are focusing on the subject, you! Don't overlook mirrors and reflections in places other than your bathroom. There are several Flickr group photo pools dedicated to this type of photography. Have some fun and see if you can find yourself in your own reflection somewhere.


From Lapidim's Flickrstream... some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. Sometimes the photograph shows a reality that is made from light, line and texture. Other times the beauty is there and the photograph simply testifies to a moment in time when it existed.

I had to post one more...

It's All About Tension

This simple photograph from Barbara Fischer's Flickr stream is a study in tension. How many different ways can you see opposites, balance and depth in this single photograph? Think about lines, color and texture and talk about the choices Fischer made. Do you think this photograph was accidental or composed?

Look for color

Great photos are all about light, shape, form, contrast and... color. Color is powerful. It can create mood, passion and tell a story. This example from Naveen Jamal's Flickr Stream is a good example.

If you're trying to get a blue sky, don't be afraid to underexpose some to avoid losing the rich colors. That's what I did in this photo from my own Flickr stream. You can also use a polarizing filter which will help bring out a deep blue color from the sky and control the way light is reflected off of flat surfaces in your image.

The spacious sky

The spacious sky, from Norma Desmond's Flickr stream.

Another walk by...

I had to post one (or two) more walk bys from TommyOshima's Flickr stream. He has some great photos including the one below:


The Walk By

This photo from Dlemieux's Flickr stream is a great example of a walk by. Find a great background and then wait for your subject.

The walk by - Catch it!

Here's a great photo from dlemieux's Flickr stream. She has several great sets of street photography. One way to get a great photo is to scout out your location looking for a good background. Then setup and wait for people to walk by. It's the people in front, framed by the background that can give you a great photo.

Bangles & Jangles

Bangles & Jangles from Toetap's Flickr stream.