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Keds - Theme shoot

Can you take an everyday object and turn it into art?

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From viveee's photostream...

Saying something...

Texture, color and perfect focus make this a great portrait. Visit tinou bao's photostream on Flickr to see more.

It's in the eyes

This is an incredible image. Be sure to look at the original photo on Flickr to see all the detail.


From Lapidim's Flickrstream... some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. Sometimes the photograph shows a reality that is made from light, line and texture. Other times the beauty is there and the photograph simply testifies to a moment in time when it existed.

I had to post one more...

The spacious sky

The spacious sky, from Norma Desmond's Flickr stream.

Another walk by...

I had to post one (or two) more walk bys from TommyOshima's Flickr stream. He has some great photos including the one below:


The Walk By

This photo from Dlemieux's Flickr stream is a great example of a walk by. Find a great background and then wait for your subject.

Bangles & Jangles

Bangles & Jangles from Toetap's Flickr stream.

Yule New York

Yule New York, from Gary H. Spielvogel's Flickr stream.

Josh and Footprints

From Vu Bui's Flickr stream.